Josh Ren

Josh Ren is a Junior at Foothill Technology High School and is currently a staff member of the Foothill Dragon Press. During his two years on staff, Josh has worked exclusively in Multimedia as a photographer and is the current Co-Editor.

Megan Kearney leads VHS track to new heights – The Foothill Dragon Press

For Foothill senior Megan Kearney, holding three Ventura High School varsity track records comes second to the accomplishments of her teammates. “Track is not an individual sport, as much as people think that it is. It’s really about the team,” Kearney said. “Without the team, there is no track.” Both Kearney and her team have achieved at the highest levels of track and field. Kearney currently holds a total of six records among the VHS track team: three “frosh-soph” records and three varsity.

Geib and Johnson beat students in Prewitt Tennis Challenge (28 photos) – The Foothill Dragon Press

This morning, Foothill held its first annual Prewitt Tennis Match. The game is dedicated to Chris Prewitt, a former Foothill teacher who passed away earlier this year. Prewitt originally wished to challenge the two best Foothill students in a doubles match with Bioethics teacher Richard Geib. After Prewitt’s untimely passing, Geib decided to dedicate the game to Prewitt, and it will now be held every year. He believes the new tradition will add to the school’s character. Geib wanted to both ho

Students take a trip to the 50s for Air Guitar (2 videos, 58 photos) – The Foothill Dragon Press

Poodle skirts and leather jackets were abound at school today as students traveled back in time to the 1950s for a “Grease” themed Air Guitar. Students rushed from their sixth period classes today at noon to settle down on their blankets and towels in the quad to watch Foothill’s annual end-of-the-year talent show. Students were given 20 minutes to cruise through the food fair before the show began. Different clubs on campus were selling food from Taco Bell, In-N-Out Burger, Dickey’s Barbecue P

“Happiness is Now” brings joy to students (video, 36 photos) – The Foothill Dragon Press

Renaissance Rally 2014 from The Foothill Dragon Press on Vimeo. Blaring music, light-up balloons, and brightly colored streamers greeted students Wednesday morning as they filled Buena High School’s gymnasium for the Spring Renaissance rally. There, Foothill students watched a motivational performance by dancers from the “Happiness is Now” organization. Each semester, Foothill congratulates its students who earn a 3.0 grade point average or higher on their academic achievement. This semester a

Students and staff shave their heads for St. Baldricks (50 photos, video) – The Foothill Dragon Press

Surrounded by a sea of green shirts, freshman Courtney Corbett smiled nervously as three volunteers raised clippers to her head and shaved off her waist length hair. Foothill staff, students, parents, police officers, and firefighters all gathered to watch as Corbett’s tresses fell to the floor, but the most important member of the audience was skyping in on an iPad positioned on the corner of the stage. Corbett’s father, who was diagnosed with cancer on Sunday, watched from his hospital bed as

Mr. Foothill energizes Spirito Hall (40 photos, video) – The Foothill Dragon Press

Ten male Foothill students came out on stage, wearing anything from booty shorts to spandex morphsuits to robotic costumes, and danced as faculty, students, and parents watched and laughed from the crowd. Such was the opening scene of the fourth annual Mr. Foothill pageant in Spirito Hall Friday night. The purpose of the event, put on by the Associated Student Body, is to showcase the bravest and most outgoing male students on Foothill’s campus and to fundraise for ASB. “It’s a good way for ki

How lives are impacted by suicide – The Foothill Dragon Press

Jill* had it all planned out. She considered different options, then decided the best course of action would be to take pills. Her life would end peacefully. “I was trying to figure out the way that would be less damaging to my parents, I guess,” she said. This Foothill senior, who agreed to be interviewed if her identity was kept anonymous, had been dealing with depression since elementary school. A culmination of family problems and tough friendships at school led to her depression, which sn

Choosing the perfect water bottle – The Foothill Dragon Press

Water bottles and tumblers are a major staple for all students who want to stay hydrated throughout the day without being wasteful. Popular beverage containers include glass, BPA-free plastic, stainless steel bottles, mason jars and more. This article will help you choose a great quality water container. Also, did you know that Foothill has a filtered water machine found in Spirito Hall? It is motion censored and tells how many plastic bottles we have saved from being used. Our school already ha

New teacher Yiu Hung Li expresses passion for literature – The Foothill Dragon Press

“Hello, my name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father; prepare to die,” is English teacher Yiu Hung Li’s favorite quote from “The Princess Bride.” Although his favorite movie doesn’t make it into the curriculum, Li is excited to join Foothill this year teaching ninth and tenth grade English. After graduating from California State University Channel Islands, Foothill is his first teaching job. When asked what his favorite thing about Foothill is, he answered with a confident, “everything.” Alth